Service Department Product Disclosure

Here within you will find answered some frequently asked questions as well as details and explanations concerning the Service Departments standard charges.

 Hourly Rate:

The Service Departments hourly labour charge out rate is A$110 +GST per hour

Travel Time:

When repairs and services are conducted on site travel time to and from the site is applicable at the standard labour rate. All service vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking units which details the exact travel time.

Service Vehicle Charges:

When a repair or service is conducted on site a service vehicle charge is applicable. The rate is dependant on the postcode of the property where the work is undertaken and covers the cost of fuel and running costs of the service vehicle. This charge can be reduced and or proportioned, when multiple jobs are undertaken at multiple properties by the same service vehicle on the same trip.

Workshop Levy:

A workshop levy of A$7.50 is applicable to all workshop & service invoices. This charge covers incidental costs for consumables such as but not limited to: insulation tape, aerosols, Loctite, cutting discs, electrical connectors, lubricants etc where a whole container or unit has not been used on the job but only a fraction. This charge therefore reduces the overall parts charges on individual repairs and brings fairness to the entire invoicing process in respective to consumables.

Environmental Levy:

An Environmental Levy of A$7.50 is applicable to all workshop & service invoices. This charge covers the environmentally friendly disposal of hazardous goods such as, but not limited to: oils, grease, coolant, brake fluids, rubber and silicone based products, soiled rags, paint products, aerosol cans and other hazardous products.

Freight on Parts:

Please note that on some repair and service related parts, freight costs may be applicable especially in the case of overnight or emergency parts acquisitions. These charges are itemised on your invoice for your convenience.

Pick up & Delivery

A pick up and or delivery fee may be applicable if your machinery has been transported by us to or from our facility on your behalf. Most areas are covered by a standard rate based on postcode whereas areas outside our standard rates will be quoted on a cases by case basis.


If you have any further queries regarding any of this information please do not hesitate to contact our service department on 612 4862 9000

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